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Did you know?

-52% of the patients fear coronavirus than a heart stroke.

-One-fifth of the patients keep a tendency to switch their service provider towards the one who covers better COVID-19 safety norms.

-More than 68% of people plan to proceed with medical care who delayed it before the pandemic showed up. 

The time before COVID-19 arrived, the need for specific medical services was earlier considered as ‘nice-to-have’. But with the global spread of the pandemic, the demand for patient care hiked exponentially and tagged the need for healthcare services as the ‘must haves’.

Waiting rooms are busy places that occupy heightened risks of the spread of infectious diseases. Looking to enhance patient care and boost practice revenue, companies seek digital ways to keep their patient base strong and ever-expanding.

Adapting to the new normal, healthcare organisations are digging deeper into transforming the traditional ways of patient intake that generally involved appointment scheduling, patient registration, check-in, and visits. 

Encouraging Investment in Innovation, NetSet Digital pivots to place its Care-on-Demand strategy in action that orients its focus on mitigating risks of disease exposure and, simultaneously, increase patient and staff contentment.

Care-on-Demand: Electronic Pre-Registration & Contactless Check-Ins

The changing norms in the Healthcare industry and the continuation of the COVID-19 urges to realize the need for safer and smoother patient access across health systems and provider groups. 

“Deploying Digital Self-Service technology in the system enables patients to circumvent needless contact, thus, improves efficiency and financial performance.”

Addressing the anxiety of patients that relates to the safety of visiting healthcare facilities, NetSet Digital comes up with a defined strategy of leveraging tele-health via online patient intake solutions that pave the way for a paperless and contactless check-in process.

The contactless procedure extends the functions of:

  • Electronic Pre-Registration Forms
  • Virtual visits
  • Contactless Check-Ins
  • Mobile eConsents
  • EHR Integration

Aligning with the theme of tele-health, a touch-free approach of digital intake of the patients provides a safer, faster, and better experience, allowing them to complete and sign forms from all the comfort of their home, electronically and effortlessly.

Our EHR integrated paperless and contactless solutions are concreted to complement the tele-health strategy, enabling healthcare service providers to enhance their patient care via a flexible Digital Self-Service facility.

The Digital Self-Service Technology Benefits

#Amplifies 80% on-time healthcare service performance

#Reduces 50% of the initial stage administrative tasks

#Escalates 90% revenue collection rate

#Improves up to 75% of the patient satisfaction

1 Encourage Pre-Registration in Advance

Patients can use their own e-device to complete the formalities online like updating demographics, filling registration forms, check-ins, and scan cards which can be executed nimbly and safely.

2 Eliminates the Need for In-Person Contact

The digitised form of services offered helps to free resources and focus on other complex patient service needs. Thus, saves time and reduces errors.

3 Increases Point-of-Service Payments

Powered by secure technologies, integration of all type of patient payments methods are enabled in the pre-registration steps to ensure faster collections and revenue growth.

4 Optimize Visit Capacity

Speedy scheduling, registration, and check-ins result in higher patient footfall and volume that ultimately, puts a positive impact on the revenue cycle.

On-Demand Virtual Care is Central to Financial Recovery

NetSet Digital with its expertise in providing excellent patient and provider experiences strategies to revamp the online world of contactless commercial via a transparent approach towards patient on-boarding.

‘Going Digital and Contactless’ aims to encourage completed-ness and accuracy and ensures  excellent benefits for the practice revenue cycle and provides patients with the added convenience to accelerate the overall intake process.

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