Revenue Cycle Management Services for

Independent Practices

Purpose-Built Medical Billing Solutions to Liquify Cash Flow & Improve Revenue Cycle Efficiency

Ease. Efficiency. Economy.

Our outsourcing solutions customized for Independent Practitioners are high on mitigating compliance risks, boosting medical coding efficiencies, protecting revenue streams, and leveraging patient care.

Services we Offer:

Our Bifurcated Proposition to Manage RCM & Medical Billing

  1. Customary Standardized Procedure

    We help you eliminate the financial downfall of your Medical Practice by integrating regulatory RCM proven best practices & procedures supported by the latest tools that drive sustainable improvements in revenue and cash flows.


  3. Automation-Powered Transition

    Our investment in Intelligent Automation and best practices are customized to digitize the revenue cycle processes & get you on the advantageous side of higher accuracy, faster collections & reduced time-resource consumption.

Our End-to-End Medical Billing Solutions
Cover a Lot of Ground

  • Improve net collections and drive yield improvements
  • Acquire 90% first-pass claim acceptance rate
  • Boosts techno-clinical workflow to liquidate revenue streams
  • Tighten the bottlenecks to improve the efficiency of your front-end, mid, and back-end RCM operations
  • Maximize reimbursements, submitting clean & error-free claims
  • Synchronize your practice’s medical billing needs with the changing healthcare norms and demands cost-effectively scale their business growth

Our Operational Readiness

Disaster Preparedness Plan

We have a concrete contingency plan in place that covers your practice against the disruptions caused by any unforeseen situation or natural disaster & directs procedures that insignificantly impact the running flow of your patient care and revenue streams down the line.

We make sure to keep:

  • - Employees safe

  • - Multiple working locations

  • - Extra Machines/Computers

  • - People on Desk

‘5T’ Action Values

Our value proposition comprises five transformational segments that positively respond to the revenue cycle performance challenges and drive sustainable improvements in patient experience and your payment lifecycle.











HIPAA Compliant

We keep non-compliance penalties at bay by adhering to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. We have invested in resources that ensure to meet compliances and regulations.

Our compliance-driven process is committed to zero HIPAA violations that not only optimizes the overall billing process but ensures business sustainability as well.

How Independent Practices can achieve Revenue Growth?

Advanced EHR/EMR Systems

With seamless integration of our enterprise electronic health record systems, ladder your independent practice’s efficiency and access to patient data, securely via digital means. Streamline your practice management via robust EMR systems. (patient demographics, patient statistics, medical history, vitals, etc.)

Smart Automated Management

Our sophisticated software bots simplify, synthesize, and modernize your RCM workflows with hassle-free system integration and cover you up with almost all the critical areas like AR management, denial management, patient eligibility & verification, data extraction, and much more.

Client-Centric Operating Model

NetSet has helped many clients scale their business growth in a cost-effective manner and as a reliable partner has leveraged its relationship with them by strategically aligning their operational goals with their vision.

EHRs We Work With

 EMDs Medical Billing Services
NextGen Medical Billing Services
eClinicalWorks Medical Billing Services
AdvancedMD Medical Billing Services
GreenWay Medical Billing Services
Allscripts Medical Billing Services
GE Centricity Medical Billing Services
Practicefusion Medical Billing Services
AmazingCharts Medical Billing Services

On-Demand Remote Staffing Services for the complete RCM Suite

Insurance Collections, Patient Scheduling, Referral & Authorization, Payment Posting...

Case Studies

No matter who we work with, Worth@Work is the business principle we follow to serve all our esteemed clients.

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