HIPAA Compliance Standards

(Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996)

HIPAA is multipart legislation that is having a wide-ranging effect on the way healthcare is managed and regulated. NetSet Digital has always followed best practices in compliance with HIPAA to avoid any kind of penalty or inconvenience.

Our Commitment to ‘zero’ HIPAA Infraction

How NetSet Digital & Participating Providers Meet HIPAA Compliance Requirements?

We understand that our patient’s medical information is private and personal, so we are committed to protecting such information. We have a dedicated number of professionals employed who keep a close check on all the compliances and updated regulatory information and ensure that the organization completely adheres to HIPAA compliance.

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      Complete integrity & confidentiality of data is maintained

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      Guidance in compliance wrt coding procedures & practices

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      Reliable protection against potential threats

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      Train staff on compliance guidelines & government regulatory requirements

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      Assist team in auditing & confidential reporting

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      Monitoring & tracking to specialty coding

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A Checklist of Compliance Adherence

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      Compliance Driven Process

      Our overall billing processes are influenced and driven by compliances and regulations. Along with the optimization of the overall processes and procedures, we ensure business sustainability and profitability.

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      HIPAA Readiness

      Strict compliance without any deviation is our utmost priority. Our advanced techniques and tools orchestrate data with high security and authenticity, employing proven strategies to be HIPAA-ready.

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      Data Confidentiality

      Data can’t be lost once it’s updated in the EHR system. We understand the vitality of healthcare information and keeping data intact is the top priority for our billing experts. For additional security, we have safety tools employed to mitigate data risks.

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