Disaster Preparedness Plan

Updated Planning, Tech-Support, and Proactive Experts.

We are digitally sound and eliminate the need for paper-based medical billing by providing electronic-based RCM solutions that overlook the vulnerabilities of potential disasters like Covid-19, Hurricanes, Tornados, Tsunami, and others.

Areas in which we prepare for Disaster Response

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  • check markMitigation
  • check markRecovery

Our Bifurcated Proposition to Manage RCM & Medical Billing

  1. Customary Standardized Procedure

    We help you eliminate the financial downfall of your Medical Practice by integrating regulatory RCM proven best practices & procedures supported by the latest tools that drive sustainable improvements in revenue and cash flows.


  3. Automation-Powered Transition

    Our investment in Intelligent Automation and best practices are customized to digitize the revenue cycle processes & get you on the advantageous side of higher accuracy, faster collections & reduced time-resource consumption.

Our Response to Unprecedented Disaster Situations

Our disaster response plan ensures the well-being of our employees and your patients, the stability of the working environment, and the ability to keep a business fluid and running at the time of unexpected circumstances.

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Employee safety is the utmost priority that we never ignore.

Our manpower is the driving force to achieve our RCM goals and we make sure that they are safe and sound and operational during tough times.

We strive to empower our employees during the crisis by allowing work from home provision, facilitating them with all the necessary tools, pieces of equipment, and other necessities. Our employees are the most valuable assets.

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Multiple Working Locations

We avoid an over-dependence on resources as well as procedures, especially volatile revenue cycle and billing aspects.

Our remote working locations are diverse and accommodate refractive employees who are adept in orchestrating RCM tasks, making the best use of intelligent software tools that are prompt in rendering accurate data results.

Our employees working at all the remote locations are equipped with all the prerequisites required to tackle medical billing challenges.

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Constant Business Flow

Keeping employees safe, data secured and remote locations preserved adds to the successful running of a medical practice even at the time of a calamity.

Gaining digital grounds, we plan to handle each billing section of your facility and include a checklist of our responsibilities to be performed exceptionally.

Even if the record rooms and electrical/communication rooms get completely devastated, still our innovative and advanced technology systems are unassailable and authenticate data digitally.

We are Future-Proof with Intelligent Automation & Powerful Backup

Robotic Process Automation

Our automation-enabled software tools are easily accessible from anywhere and anytime that leverage digital capabilities and operational efficiencies to maximize revenue gains.

Robust Cloud Backup

We keep an online backup or remote backup of all our client-centric data for preservation in case of equipment failure or catastrophe. Cloud data backup helps bolster data protection and keeps us operational ready while facing any challenging situation.

We have our Staff Trained to Perform the Ultimate Action

Our physical and digital workforce together strive to maintain steady revenue streams and enable healthcare organizations to redirect their focus to patient care by letting the electronic service handle the chaotic world of billing during a pandemic.

After witnessing a global health emergency (the Covid-19 pandemic), we have an organized and flexible work disaster response ready to face challenges that poses risk to our operational continuity

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On-Demand Remote Staffing Services for the complete RCM Suite

Insurance Collections, Patient Scheduling, Referral & Authorization, Payment Posting...

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