Project Description:

The projects outsourced to NetSet Digital were solely oriented towards bringing revenue cycle transformations for which our offshore team applied the best practices for billing, coding, denial management, accounts receivables, claims management, etc. to gain a competitive edge in our clients’ line of business.

Some of our clients were in a significant backlog situation with their revenue cycle while some desired to make a transition electronically, thus, further improving their financial health, keeping pace with the modern tech norms.

Our remote medical staffing strategy for every project is designed around providing high-quality medical billing and reimbursement services through digital means, allowing health professionals to focus closely on providing exceptional care to their patients.

The ways of work varied as per their business needs, scenarios, and circumstances, however, the driven-results for each were consistent to enhance operational excellence and financial growth.

“Healthcare organizations today must consider employing remote workers to supplement their on-site staff.”


Client satisfaction


Saved manual hours


Claims resolved


Increase in monthly collections


Cost reduction


Result accuracy