about netset

We’re an ‘Outcome Sourcing’ company specializing in Medical Billing

NetSet Digital is a result-oriented outsourcing company that offers end-to-end RCM and technology-driven solutions to the healthcare segment to revolutionize patient experience to the next level.

We promote ‘Outcome Sourcing in Medical Billing’ and strive to enable healthcare providers to acquire substantial revenue benefits as they always envisioned.

We are committed to optimizing value in our services to cater to the demanding needs of our clients and their businesses by offering the most practical and profitable solutions powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Our Investment in Innovation and Intelligent Automation captures exponential revenue benefits for a medical practice, seeking to outperform in its operational and administrative tasks with quality results.

We aim to be your next Reliable RCM Partner that oversees all your billing grunt work, freeing your valuable resource and time to concentrate closely on other crucial business tasks.

Our RPA & AI-enabled techniques deliver results that keep you Financially Viable in a compound and dynamic healthcare environment.

Our Operational Readiness

Disaster Preparedness Plan

We have a concrete contingency plan in place that covers your practice against the disruptions caused by any unforeseen situation or natural disaster & directs procedures that insignificantly impact the running flow of your patient care and revenue streams down the line.

We make sure to keep:

  • - Employees safe

  • - Multiple working locations

  • - Extra Machines/Computers

  • - People on Desk

‘5T’ Action Values

Our value proposition comprises five transformational segments that positively respond to the revenue cycle performance challenges and drive sustainable improvements in patient experience and your payment lifecycle.











HIPAA Compliant

We keep non-compliance penalties at bay by adhering to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. We have invested in resources that ensure to meet compliances and regulations.

Our compliance-driven process is committed to zero HIPAA violations that not only optimizes the overall billing process but ensures business sustainability as well.

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